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nutritional counseling

Buy a pack of 10 and get a free body composition analysis and 30 minute nutritional consultation with certified nutritionist & certified lifestyle educator, Karen Cohen.Comprehensive cellular fitness analysis will be used to determine the optimum nutritional components for weight loss, maximum physical performance, and life long health and well being.


KAREN COHEN, CN is a certified nutritionist with an extensive educational background in nutrition science. In her practice and with her clients, Karen offers warm, supportive, practical dietary counseling based on the individual’s food preferences, habits and lifestyle.  Karen specializes in breaking the losing cycle of yo-yo dieting by tailoring an individualized program for each of her clients. Far beyond meal planning, Karen uses an in-depth health questionnaire in conjunction with Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA), a new technology which measures percentages of body fat and lean muscle mass, basal metabolic rate, hydration level, cellular toxicity, and overall cellar health. Karen will use this information to design a food and exercise plan that is customized for your lifestyle.

In addition to her practice, Karen is a collaborative partner with the American Heart Association, assisting them in developing nutritional programs.  Karen serves as a nutrition expert and has appeared on the television show Coffee Break to discuss the No Fad Diet book written by the American Heart Association.For information contact Karen by email at: or call 310 444 9755. She will design a personalized program just for you to bring you the very best instruction in Los Angeles.