…still the best pilates studio in LA…. and I’ve been to a lot of them. Clean, professional, friendly and butt kicking!
— Wendy G., Los Angeles

Julie is fabulous! She gets you in shape without even realizing it! I’ve noticed my clothes fit differently and I have so much more strength, not to mention I feel taller because of my new and improved posture. Julie makes workouts fun even at 8pm at night. She’s flexible, friendly and professional. And, her reformer classes are the best deal in town!
— Diedre L., Los Angeles

I have been doing pilates for almost 4 years at Align. It is my home away from home. I have stayed with them because I actually enjoy working out, which I have never experienced before. Julie (the Owner) is such an incredible instructor and person, in fact ALL of the instructors are. If you are looking for an intimate and fun place to do pilates…this is your best bet!!!
— Ashley C., Los Angeles

I came into their studio with lower back problems. Pilates totally solved my lower spine issue. I was never a workout kind of person, hated the gym and never exercised because I got bored. Julie & crew found a program for me that has worked, kept me interested and I feel great. Over time I’ve been able to expand what I can do. This studio & staff are consistent, professional, and friendly
— B.A., Beverly Hills

I’ve been an Align Beverly Hills Pilates regular for almost five years now and “ab”solutely love this studio! I stumbled on the studio by chance while walking my dog in the neighborhood and I’m so glad I did!!! Julie and her staff are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced and give you a great, personalized workout every time! You get individual attention even in the group classes – I’m stronger, leaner and feel better when I walk out the door. They also have the best prices for group and private classes anywhere in LA. Align Beverly Hills Pilates is professional, affordable and fun! I look forward to my weekly workouts and would recommend Julie to anyone!
— Courtney H., Beverly Hills

Align pilates is a great studio .The environment is warm (and fuzzy). The instructors have a lot of experience and a profound knowledge of the body. They have been incredible in helping me with a shoulder injury. Everyone here is so nurturing and charming but don’t be fooled the reformer classes can be felt for days .Its also clean and spacious.
— Abbe R., Los Angeles

I have been to many pilates studios in Los Angeles, and none compare to Align. The instructors are knowledgeable, helpful and warm, and the whole experience of working out there is always fun. I am not a natural born exerciser or fitness fanatic, but I feel at home there, with other clients of all ages, sizes and levels of fitness. It’s the best!
— Wendie, Los Angeles