What is Align Beverly Hills Pilates GYROTONIC® in Los Angeles? The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® was specially conceived regarding key principles of gymnastics, swimming, ballet, and yoga through which major muscle groups are worked interdependently and in an integrated manner.This “System” is served by a series of specially designed exercise equipment, which is built around the human body with all regards to total freedom in movement, no restriction to speed and versatility, and enhances rather than distracts from coordination, strength and flexibility.Unlike most conventional exercise machines where linear or isolated movement patterns are performed creating uncoordinated strength, the patented GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® emphasizes multiple joint articulations without compression, thus strengthening ligaments and each attachment

What is Align Beverly Hills Pilates GYROKINESIS® in Los Angeles ? GYROKINESIS® first level, The Essentials of Body Kinetics™ (Level 1), is the core of Horvath’s methodology. The system works the entire body through seven natural elements of spinal movement: forward, backward, left side, right side, left twist, right twist and circular, as well as all other joint articulation.This methodology systematically and gently works the joints and muscles through rhythmic and undulating exercises. Movement stimulates the body’s internal organs and different corresponding breathing patterns are integrated.


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  • Increased flexibility
  • Cardiovascular activity
  • Range of motion
  • Spatial awareness
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Increase bone density
  • Relieves lower back pain
  • Decrease in scoliosis curvatures

 GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® are registered trademarks of GYROTONIC® Sales Corp and are used with their permission.