Julie started me on Pilates when my back was a constant problem and I was facing surgery.  She helped me get my core strength back and now my bod is hot and I'm in my 60's! - Lori G.


Pilates is Ageless!

At Align, we specialize in customized Pilates fitness for Baby Boomers, seniors fitness and those with injuries and limited mobility.  As we age, we increasingly need to keep up our strength, flexibility and range of motion to perform everyday activities.  Pilates is a great way to strengthen areas that tend to bother us as we get older from back, neck, knee and shoulder pain to foot and ankle and lower back problems.  Pilates for seniorscan also benefit those with arthritis, postural difficulties and osteoporosis. 

 Many of  our older adults come to us with challenges that are affecting their balance, flexibility and endurance. These conditions require rehabilitation in  a easy workout of Pilates for Seniors that increases your strength when practiced regularly.

Osteoporsis is a common concern in senior fitness. Osteoporsis is the weakening of the structure of bone mass. This can make Pilates for Baby Boomers a great workout that  increases your bone strength and helps prevent bone loss.

Our instructors cater to your body’s needs creating a personalized program specifically focusing on your individual needs.  We have had great success with clients ranging well into their 80’s!  Whatever your age, whatever your injury, the Pilates method and the skilled instructors at Align can help you achieve good health and vitality!


Melanie - our superstar Baby Boomer client doing Advanced exercises on the Ladder Barrel.